PWR! A Specialized Parkinson’s Exercise Program




Exercises include large amplitude movements based on LSVT Parkinsons Program

 PWR! Exercise

is a crucial part of

Parkinson’s management

 Optimize your function and improve your quality of life!




Targeted Responses from PWR! classes:

Decrease stiffness and low amplitude movement

Improve Parkinson’s motor and gait disturbances

 Improve posture, balance, and flexibility


PWR! exercises include:

 High effort, large amplitude movement

Whole body strengthening

Sustained aerobic conditioning


Research has shown that the PWR! Parkinson’s exercise programs can affect overall well-being by helping to slow the progression of disease and address cognitive skills. Exercise can help form new connections and restore lost connections within the brain, produce proteins in the brain that promote nerve longevity and growth and improve memory function.




Our instructors commitment to our clients:

 To Educate and Coach

To Support and Engage

To Challenge


PWR! classes begin Thursday February 2, 2017

and are held every Tuesday and Thursday

from 9:45 a.m. to 10:45 a.m.

8 Sessions per month for $120 


Progression Physical Therapy 

of Princeton

11 State Road Suite 300/400

Princeton, NJ 08540